Thursday, August 11, 2016


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For all of my 18/52 Art Journal Project Members, topics will be finished out for the rest of the year on my new website. You will be able to link back to my old topics in the project through my new website. Just scroll down to Projects on the home page or click Projects on the top menu bar to find 18/52.

I have new paintings for sale, some of my favorite art journal pages to look at and a handful of my favorite YouTube Videos to watch all in one place. I tried my best to make everything easy to understand and find so I would love your feedback. 

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Hope you Enjoy!
May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The 18/52 Art Journal Project July 28th | Topic 31 "Minimalistic"

Alright, lets get busy...its time for another topic for 18/52. 

July 28th | Topic 31

I wanted to challenge myself and see what I can create with little to nothing. I know we only have 18 supplies or a little much less can you get. Well, my whole reasoning behind this topic is, I'm trying to down size and clear out things that I have and figure out if I really need it or not. A lot of that mind set has been going on with me right now and I just wanted to incorporate a minimal, simple piece without much going on, but still make it interesting.

I am working on a painting series that consists of these colors I use and the whole idea is to make this minimalistic, quiet, slightly plain but excessively interesting landscape. I want there to be little to look at but allow the over all look to be interesting. I want to cause viewers to raise questions and talk about how they feel with they look at my paintings. 

This art journal page isn't going to raise questions but it is allowing me to further study the minimalistic style and enjoy a little amount of things to look at.

So lets get started! First off I applied a nice sheet of my underpaper all over the page. I picked a spot in my under paper that wasn't too loud but minimal.

Then I used my diamond stencil I made and traced it with my white pen.

Then I outlined it once again just to define it a bit more.

Strips of gold sparkly washi tape.

Then my blue sky had to come in, giving just a hint or impression of mountains. 

Then I colored in the diamonds with some pale pink acrylic paint.

Then I wrote about what I had in my noggin that day, scribbled and doodled...

...and doodled some more to add that whimsical effect.

And it's finished. I challenge you this week to limit your subject matter. Make a journal spread that is extremely simple and minimal yet still interesting as if it were a busy over the top art journal page. Down size, focus on the little details and see how you interpret minimalistic in this weeks topic.

May God Bless You And May You Bless God!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The 18/52 Art Journal Project July 21st | Topic 30 "Texture"

I cannot tell you how much I ADORE this spread this week!

July 21st | Topic 30

I had a certian visual in my head as to what the page was going to look like in the beginning, but it turned into something completely different. My whole mind set reacted differently and I completely enjoyed the result.

I added some gesso and acrylic paint to one side of the page and closed the book to smoosh everything together. I knew this was going to give me some sort of texture.

I also had gesso that had little dried flakes in it so it actually worked in my favor.

I scuffled in some of the turquoise blue paint in the corners.

Then added more gesso to calm it down and add more texture. Then I was stumped! I knew it was going to be abstract of course but I had no idea where to go next until I took the pink paint and added a small line to the bottom right blob on the page.

I added more lines upon more lines and LOOK...WHAT...HAPPENED!

I have never done this before and have never been more pleased with such a random result. Of all my random and spur of the moment pages in this project...this one is my favorite.

I then added some of the multicolored pencils around the edges of this abstract form just to give it some ground.

Then of course, I didn't want to loose it so with strips of under paper, desert ground and sky colored paint, little stamps of cactuses...I made the background a desert landscape. I know...who'd a thunk it!

Adding some shading with my black neocolor crayon below around the cactuses.

Then I loved this moment with the line of white dots...instantly my mind thought desert pearl which those two words sound AMAZING together. It's of no signifigance to the topic but I just thought it sounded pretty.

Pulling it all together, I colored in the cactuses with some pinks and blues to give it a slight twilightesque mood and it is finished! Oh I have found out something quite grand in this piece that I really want to continue in my other work. It's exciting to see 18/52 help further exploration of techniques to produce future paintings and artwork. Creating the abstract form was such a relaxing process and it shows me now how I can paint mountains in more of my style.

So where does the texture part come in Miranda? Well lets talk about it...what is texture?

Fine Arts.
The characteristic visual and tactile quality of the surface of a work of art resulting from the way in which the materials are used. 
The imitation of the tactile quality of represented objects.

With that in mind, it's both an imitation or visual quality of a tactile quality. That abstract form to me reminds me of glass, it looks smooth because of those clean lines. The edges of the abstract form and the desert ground are, if you look closely, very rough and crumbly. You can feel it as well if you run your fingers over it.

I think that when we are given the task to create texture we immediatly think to make it thick and high of rough, bumpy texture...or at least I do. Now I've got several different kinds of textures within this piece floating all over the place.

What kind of texture can you discover, smooth and rough? Of course there are infinate numbers of textures so see how many you can make? See what else you can discover that you can apply to future works. If your stumped as well, look back on your other pieces of your 18/52 journal and use them as inspiration. You'd be surprised what you will learn from yourself.

Alright, hope you all have enjoyed this weeks Topic 30.
Keep up the beautiful work as always and I would LOVE to see more work on the Facebook feed. 
Happy Creating Everyone!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project, July 14th | Topic 29 "Spirit"

Topic 29 | July 14th

Good Afternoon everyone, it is a late one today. I'm telling you I have been in a whirlwind here lately an now that I typed that word out, this page spread really makes perfect sense now. This week I have thought about renting an apartment with a friend from church, looked for another job, viewed an apartment, got the job, teach students, worshiped the Lord, worked hard at my day job, built a website for the lady I am apprenticing under, and I am a mess. I'm a complete whirlwind. That is why today's topic is late today because all these happenings had to take place today since its my day off. I LOVE all this busyness, but my art work istarting to fall slightly to the way side. More details on that later.  For now, lets jut enjoy this weeks topic. Spirit. 

If you remember me saying in all that mess of things Ive been up too, I have been working my the artist I apprentice for and she ha been showing me some of her spirit paintings. I've been so inspired  by her work it's unreal. Her colors are quite similar to the ones I'm using right now and I thought I might run with it.

 I'm running with the word spirit for two reasons, one because the artist I'm so inspired by calls her magnificent paintings "spirit paintings" and another reason is because the Holy Spirit has truly been at work in my life here lately. It's almost like it has blasted in my life like a whirlwind and so full of color and emotion. This page really represents that for me.

So all I started with was left over paint from my "aquiver" page last week, added underpaper and gesso around the form created above.

Here it is super hard to tell but it is just the finished look of the gesso around this entire form or spirit form.

Then I added some mark making with my multicolored pencils, ball point pen and white pen. I also added portions of my stamps to look like they where fading away in some sections.

This is going to have to be a quick one and hahaha, blow in and blow out kind of page spread today. So much to do in so little time as they always say. I think this page just sums up my life right now and it's funny how each week allows a visual for my emotions and how my week has gone so far. Overall I really enjoy this page with all it's energetic elements.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far and are looking forward to their weekend. Take care everyone and if I happen to forget something and you have questions, fill free to leave a comment below. I know this blow in blow out post might be a little scattered and hard to read but I'd love chat below. 

Happy Creating!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!



Thursday, July 7, 2016

18/52 Art Journal Project, July 7th | Topic 28 "Aquiver"

July 7th - Topic 28
Okay, now Miranda's gone nuts! Well, I'm not going to argue with you there but just hear me out on this one. 
I'm really going deep this week. I've been feeling "aquiver" for two things. One is pretty much these colors, stamps, textures and overall layout. It really does make me tremble with joy inside in a good way. Then for another reason I allowed my "aquiver" emotion, which is a good feeling, create my page. I've been thinking a lot about things that will happen in the future and I become all aquiver just letting myself daydream.
Maybe your not feeling quite aquiver but try and pick an emotion that you are feeling right now and let it create the page for you. Allow that emotion to show you what your feelings look like on an art journal page. The more I think about it and see what my aquiver state looks like on paper it kinda is a powerful thing.
Try it out this week. I can't wait to see your results.
Check out my process below!  

Started off with some paint spreading and some stamping.

Then I painted around my stamping with a mixture of all my colors. This is one of my favorite techniques.

 Welp, I didn't have scissors so I just stamped on my under paper and tore them out which allowed these dynamic lines around the stamped images.

 Then I glued them down,

...and re stamped my leaves over the under paper.

 I used some more paint to omit things and fuse everything together.

This is when I started becoming all aquiver when the end result appeared. I doodled the wood cut rings, a few white dots and of course "aquiver".

 Crazy in love with this page.

Enjoy your week everyone!

May God Bless You and May You Bless God!